"History of Photography", volume 31, n° 2, summer 2007.
Table of Contents:

  • Francois Brunet, "Revisiting the Enigmas of Timothy O’Sullivan: Notes on the William Ashburner Collection of King Survey Photographs at the Bancroft Library".
  • Dana MacFarlane, "'Arresting Strangeness': Walter Benjamin’s Proust and Carlo Naya's Giotto".
  • Nigel Raab, "Visualising Civil Society: The Fireman and the Photographer in Late Imperial Russia, 1900–1914".
  • Robert Dixon, "Spotting the Fake: C. E. W. Bean, Frank Hurley and the making of the 1923 Photographic Record of the War".
  • Brian Stokoe, "Class Tourism and Photography: The Typological Portraits of E. O. Hoppe and J. D. Beresford".
  • Andres Garay and Jorge Latorre, "Martin Chambi: A 'Self-Portrait'".

Reviews by Elizabeth Edwards, Robin Kelsey, Roberta McGrath, Kevin Moore, Guy Thomas.

Source: liste H-Arthist, http://www.arthist.net.